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I’m Sophy Cee! (Cee stands for my middle name — Christine!)


And I'm…

  • Canadian, living in Montreal

  • A boy mom

  • Type A personality

  • Founder & head photographer at Sophy Cee Photography

  • Teacher & coach empowering entrepreneurs at Sophy Cee Education


And I love nothing more than helping others — seriously, ask me a question and I'll research relentlessly if I don't know the answer.


I became an entrepreneur for a lot of reasons: I craved more time with my family, I was DONE with the traditional workforce, and the flexible lifestyle called to me. But that wasn't how things started.


Back in 2004, I was a school teacher who taught everything under the sun… But we didn’t have enough support. I was overworked, overtired and burnt out — I couldn’t even remember my students’ names sometimes.


My health demanded I leave teaching so quickly, that I didn’t have a backup plan. So, I quit and started (what I called at the time) a “side hustle” — a cookie jar and jam business. And while that business didn’t work out, it was my first taste of the entrepreneurial world.

Because I asked myself what truly made me happy. And it was this skill that made other people happy too. So I officially launched a photography business as my main source of income.

and then...

I knew if I wanted to make it as an entrepreneur and create an identity outside of motherhood, I'd need to invest in my business and build my confidence. So I photographed day and night, doubled my rates, and doubled them again. In two years, I 8xed my prices, and STILL sold out my sessions.


This is when I realized I was doing something different. Soo many fellow business owners asked me how I did it, especially fellow female entrepreneurs. And here's what I tell them to this day:


A lot of entrepreneurs glamorize "the hustle," but success is really NOT about being busy all the time. It's about creating the systems and processes needed to optimize your business for your lifestyle. It's about working smarter, not harder, and tweaking what you're already doing to create massive shifts.


I created Sophy Cee Education to teach entrepreneurs the exact methods I used to scale my business, earn multiple 6-figures, have more freedom AND spend more time with my family — proving that multi-passionate moms can run thriving businesses (yes, not just side hustles!).


Because a LOT of responsibilities fall on women of the household. And we are MORE than "just moms" or "just [fill in the blank]."


Together, we can empower more entrepreneurs to not only chase those dreams, but to seize them, and make them a reality (without burning out).


I'm so glad you're here.

Sophy xo
-Coach and Trained-Problem Solver
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