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Your branding photoshoot checklist

Hey there!

Use this checklist to help you prepare for your branding session.


☐ Plan for 2-3 different outfits that align with your brand (this can be a top change or whole outfit change)

☐ Bring two pairs of shoes (heels, platforms, sneakers, flats, boots)

☐ Be mindful of your socks, preferably wear stockings if you are wearing a dress/ or skirt

☐ Select a few accessories that allow for movements during the session, such as jackets, blazer, hats, or scarves (however only if this represents you)

☐ Be sure to steam/ iron clothing beforehand


☐ If you are having your hair done by the artist make sure your hair is washed the day before

☐ Arrive to the session with a makeup-free face for FULL MAKEUP

Be sure to have your base done for EXPRESS MAKEUP

☐ Pack any makeup that you absolutely want to use throughout (lipgloss, lipstick)

☐If you plan on getting waxed, doing a facial, or anything of the sort, make sure to do it at least 1 week in advance

☐ Make sure your nails have a fresh coast of nail polish or they are completley bare. Avoid chipped nails


☐ Consider various props that represent your daily activities, such as your favorite mug, laptop, or cellphone

☐ Prepare any products that represent your brand and business. (For example, designers can bring color swatches, photographers should bring their cameras, and real estate agents may bring a SOLD sign, fleurist bouquets/flowers etc...)

☐ Bring business accessories: business cards, stationary, anything with your logo, etc...

☐ Remove any price tags/ labels that may be showing


☐ Make sure you have answered the questionnaire

☐ Make sure you have sent me your shot list

☐ Check time and date of your session

For On location Sessions:

☐ Clean the rooms or spaces you intend to use. Minimize clutter to ensure that your photos focus on you and your brand without unnecessary distractions.

☐ Make sure you have no distractions during the session (ie: children)

After you've completed this checklist, you are just about ready for your branding session! YAY!


If you are still feeling unsure, or need some creative guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Can't wait!

Sophy xo

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