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The Academy

Learning how to use your camera doesn't need to be hard...or boring.

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Learning Made Easy

Picking up photography can be intimidating, especially when you want to take better pictures of your children. That's why we created The Academy, a photography school that offers a unique way for adults to learn the ins and outs of photography in a fun and interactive environment. 

 Led by an expert photographer and a curriculum designed by a former teacher, our photography classes are carefully created so that you can learn through theory and practice in a non-traditional setting. These courses will help you get to know your camera and improve your photography skills.

These in-person photography classes take place in the unique West Island Studio Arc which is furnished with vibrant pieces and offers an abundance of natural light.  Learn in a setting that is similar to your home, so you can also take better pictures of your kids, family, and even fur babies!

Learn more below about the classes we offer. 

Photography Classes

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What Students Are Saying

This course was exactly what I needed to help me understand how to use my camera and what elements help take a great picture. Sophy’s work is astounding and this course has left me wanting to learn more. Sophy teaches in a way thats easy to understand and fun to take in. Thank you!!


Why is THE ACADEMY unique?

Here, at The Academy, we're not just teaching photography; we're nurturing artistic souls, fostering growth, and building a community where creative minds converge. Whether you're stepping into the world of photography for the first time or honing your skills further, we're here to guide you. Our studio is more than just brick and mortar; it's a canvas where your dreams and aspirations find their expression.


Course Structure

Our photography course in the West Island is designed by a master teacher and expert photographer, offering a unique mix of theory and practice. Students will have weekly exercises to complete at home and will be given a workbook for reference. You will also have a private Facebook group to share your photos, get feedback and support. 

Learning Environment

At The Academy, learning photography is an experience unlike any other. Our non-traditional learning environment is designed to be inspiring and comfortable.


Ditch the desk and chairs for vibrant furniture, unique lighting options, and comfy couches at the one and only Studio Arc


With unique access to our studio, you'll be able to experiment with different angles and techniques while getting to know how to use your camera. 


We encourage creativity and collaboration, so come as you are and have fun with it. Learning doesn't have to be boring. 


Meet your Instructor

Hey there, I'm Sophy! I'm the owner and founder of Sophy Cee Photography, Studio Arc and The Academy.


Here's my story.


Teaching isn't just a chapter of my story—it's the heartbeat that fuels every aspect of The Academy.

After 14 years of guiding minds from grade 1 through to adulthood, I've discovered that my passion for helping others is unwavering, no matter what path I tread.

From the very first click of the shutter in 2010, photography became more than just a hobby; it became my voice. Through the lens, I found a way to translate emotions, stories, and beauty into visual narratives that resonate with the soul.


But my journey wasn't just about capturing moments; it was about the deep-seated desire to impart knowledge, ignite creativity, and watch others thrive.

Amidst the pursuit of this passion, two burnouts served as poignant reminders of the importance of balance and self-care. As I transitioned from teaching to photography, the urge to assist fellow photographers in navigating the business side of their art grew stronger. This is how Sophy Cee Coaching came to life


This transformative experience not only breathed life into their endeavors but also rekindled my teaching spirit.

And so, The Academy was born—a space where creativity finds its wings, and education is fueled by innovation. I  saw a void in the realm of non-traditional photography education in the West Island, and with that realization, our commitment to offering a unique and inspiring haven for learning took shape.


With every click, every frame, and every shared insight, I'm here to cultivate your journey, transforming aspirations into realities. Join me, as we redefine the boundaries of education and creativity, one image at a time.

Hope to see you at The Academy. Can't wait to "click" with you!


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