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FAQs for in-home newborn session | Montreal Newborn Photographer

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I remember those first few days and weeks of bringing the new baby home. The highs, the lows, the overjoy and the overwhelm. ...And most of all trying to get out of the house!! It would take an hour!!

In-home newborn sessions are ideal- especially in the winter time because you don't have to leave your house. No packing up bags, no forgetting anything, no bundling the little peanut so they get don't get cold. I do, however get a lot of questions, so I've compiled the most frequently asked to put you at ease.

Q. How long is a session?

One hour. Regardless, if your baby needs diaper changes, feeding, soothing, it's all good! I am always taking pictures. Even better news, I'm quick! I will get the shots- trust me!! and I get it, no one wants to take pictures for hours on end you are tired!

Q. I’m running late! What happens?

Newborn sessions take place in the late morning.. I don’t book more than one newborn session a day so I’m flexible. You'll have my phone number- just send me a message :)

Q. What do I do if my baby is fussy?

First, don’t worry about it. Second, soothe the baby the way you normally would. Maybe that means walking, talking, singing, feeding. Do what you need to do, I will continue to take pictures. These are often the most natural and emotional ones. Baby will be in your arms as long as they need to. I will take pictures of those snuggles and get the details.

Q. What do I do if my baby is hungry?

Feed baby! I will still take pictures!

Q: Will you pose baby?

I will tell you how to place him or her but I do not do tight swaddle wraps or place them in baskets. I take pictures in your baby's most natural states. This is called baby-led posing. Trying to pose the baby is usually stressful for everyone especially when baby doesn't want to be placed in a certain way. I believe your bundle belongs in your arms and close to you.

Q. Do you use props?

Not really. I don't bring any baskets, stuffed animals, etc...Like mentioned above, I take pictures of your precious baby in their most precious state. If you have something sentimental and would like to me to take a picture of it, I absolutely will.

Q. My house is messy!

I’m a mother of two boys. I've been there. Heck, my house is still messy. Don’t go crazy cleaning up. I’m really good at staging the area that I need to use. So don’t worry about it!

If you have never done a session with me, you should know that I am NOT all business. I am flexible, patient and will make any situation work. This is meant to be fun, not stressful.

You can book your in-home newborn session here. Have some questions, just reach out!


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