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for the modern day business owner

Your Brand. Your Story.

Let's level up your social media, marketing and website presence through brand photography. Your brand is a narrative. Let's tell that story visually—because, after all, first impressions matter.

Stand out with

You are the face of your brand. It's not just about posting the same headshot or selfie repeatedly; it's about creating a visual identity that resonates, communicates, and empowers you to stand out in your industry.
As your Montreal brand photographer, I aim to visually communicate your brand's authenticity. I do this through images that are carefully curated to showcase your work environment, daily activities, and any other elements that contribute to your personal brand.

It's about telling your personal brand story. 

Your brand is a way to say who you are

through your pictures


Tailored for business owners such as health care professionals,  coaches, designers, real estate agents, fleurists and more, this distinctive photography experience goes beyond mere visuals.


It's a collaborative journey to cultivate a compelling brand image through storytelling. We dive deep into your business to be able to truly represent you and your brand.


This session includes traditional and lifestyle headshots, curated shots featuring your tools, workspace, and other elements meticulously planned to narrate your unique story through the exclusive Sophy Cee Brand Storytelling Experience.

It gets better! You'll always feel ready for your session.


You'll hop onto an onboarding call with me, and receive my comprehensive branding guide that goes over what you can expect for the session, a questionnaire to help clarify your brand, an interactive styling service, and a checklist to help you prepare for the session.  

Best part? It's all-inclusive- it includes EVERYTHING! No hard choices.


My process


Reach out & book a call

Like what you see? Let's chat about you, your business and what you are envisioning. 


...then book your date

We will find the right date and time for this session. 


Preparation & Vision strategy

The fun part! You'll get a preparation guide and extensive questionaire about your business, interactive styling service and then you'lll create a vision strategy board that we will collaborate on. 


Session time

The best part! Show up, get your makeup done and let me guide you through your session. We'll chat, laugh and a have a great time!

You are the face of your brand.
You are the face of your brand.
You are the face of your brand.

You are the face of your brand. 

How a Branding Session Can Elevate Your Business


Enhances Your Professional Image


Personalizes Your Brand


Strengthens Brand Consistency


Levels up your social media, website, promotional mterial


You are unique.
Your pictures should be too. Let's deep dive into your brand, and tell your story.  

Meet your photographer


Hey there, I'm Sophy! I'm the owner and founder of Sophy Cee Photography, Studio Arc and The Academy.


Hey there! I'm Sophy, the photography maestro who's been capturing life's magic since 2010. Picture this: I bring a blend of 14 years of teaching expertise and a knack for making pixels pop to the table.

In the world of pixels and passion, I'm not just your average photographer. With over a decade of teaching under my belt, I've not only mastered the art of freezing moments but also taught the cool kids about branding!! So, your photos are in the hands of a creative genius who knows how to make your brand shine.

Ever met a personal hype guru? Well, that's me. Every photoshoot is a burst of energy, enthusiasm, and contagious vibes. It's not just about capturing your essence; it's about making you feel like a rockstar in front of the lens. Who knew a photoshoot could be this much fun?

What's the secret behind those awe-inspiring shots? It's the perfect blend of my organizational ninja skills and a dash of wild creativity. You'll feel totally prepared walking into your session.


The result? Photos that not only tell a story but make your brand look like a million bucks.

Giving direction is an art, and I'm the Picasso of it. From the subtle tilt of your head to that killer smile, I've got a knack for making you feel right at home in front of the camera. I'm bossy- remember I was a teacher!?

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?


Let me be your visual storyteller. Your brand isn't just a logo; it's a story waiting to be told, and I'm here to make it an epic tale that leaves a lasting impression. Get ready to shine!

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