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Capture that baby bump, it doesn't last forever | Maternity Photographer Montreal

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Every baby bump is unique and should be captured as a memory. Isn't it incredible that women can grow little humans!? It's only around for 9 months, and as long as it may seem it really flies by.

We often think about taking the newborn pictures when your bundle arrives but what about when they are in your tummy? Maternity sessions are often overshadowed and forgotten. But this is a moment to capture this specific moment in time, for you to reminisce on the moments when you felt the first kick, saw the first movement.

Typically, maternity sessions take between 31-35 weeks. during warmer seasons this session is done during the golden hour. However, if this is the wintertime the sessions are done in-home. the whole family is always invited, even fur babies.

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Beautiful Mama to be

Having pictures of them in my belly is a captured moment that will never happen again. So while there is only one guarantee I can make to you, I can guarantee that you will NEVER regret having pictures taken.

Even better? Your children will love looking back at the pictures of when they were in your tummy. My kids absolutely LOVE seeing my baby bump. They love knowing and seeing where they "lived" for a bit.

Did you know? when you combine a maternity and newborn session, you get 50% OFF the maternity session.

For more information about my maternity sessions, check it out here


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