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Enough with the posing courses, let’s talk about session flow | Photography Coach

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

It goes a little something like this. You take one posing class, try to put it into practice at your next shoot. Some poses work others do not, so you decide to change it up. You buy another posing course. Repeat process. Before you know it you have bought - and probably not completely - half a dozen posing courses.

What's the problem?

Chances are, the reason why a session isn't going smoothly isn't that you don't have enough poses in mind but rather the flow isn't mastered. While you are putting all your focus into posing, you haven't stopped to analyze the session flow, or rather haven't even come up with a flow.

What do I mean by flow?

By flow, I mean the order of the TYPES of poses that you will do. For example, I do standing, sitting, moving.

Why is this important?

Well, it's like writing a book and having no chapters-just a whole lot of text with no breaks. A book like this feels disorganized and you would probably be asking yourself self- when do I come up for air!?

See it as a chapter book

Being able to "section" off your session makes it organized, lets your clients know what's happening, and keeps you on track. So, see your session as a storybook- think about the introduction, the middle, and the end. What TYPES of poses will you do in each part? From there, add in the poses that you want to do.

Keep it simple and easy to follow for both you and your clients. Take a moment to read how everyone is feeling at the beginning of the session. Are they full of energy and to run? do they just want to be in Mom's arms? Go from there and allow yourself to be flexible.

You got this!


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