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Hiring a teacher as your photographer | Montreal Photographer

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I am a trained teacher; I have been one for 14 years. So you can imagine when it comes to working with kids, I'M GOOD!

Here are the reasons why hiring a photographer that is also a teacher makes perfect sense.

I am super, super organized.

Your session with flow smooth like butter. I am capable of going with the flow and adjusting in any situation- yes that means if your children want to run the whole session. Don't worry I've got you covered!

I am awesome with kids.

I have taught grade 1 (all the way up to adults!). Kids just like me. It's rare that they take a long time to warm up to me because I just get them. I also love kids and I know they can feel that vibe when they meet me.

I have a dynamic personality.

Okay yes, I'm high energy. I will most likely have your kids chasing me at one point and getting you to do a whole bunch of things moving around. But I mean, you don't want a boring session now do you?! I even have THAT partner who doesn't like taking pictures leaving the session saying it was fun:)

I’ve got wicked time management skills.

I am one of the only photographers that can offer you a regular short session and get everything done. The sessions that offer were created with the child in mind. They have a short attention span so that fits perfectly with my sessions.

I always provide clear instructions (remember, grade 1)

You don't need to. know what to do. I will guide you 100% of the time. You just need to have your listening ear on ;)

With me, you will always feel 100% prepared

I have an excellent communication flow with my clients. I make sure you know what to expect: welcome phone calls, an experience guide, and even an interactive style guide. You will hardly have any questions because they will have already been answered.

My summer calendar is filling up quickly, if you are looking for an expert photographer, who also has all the above skills, I’m your girl. Click here to view my sessions.


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