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What is golden hour? Montreal Family Photographer

Updated: Jun 18

Ever wonder how I get that beautiful golden light in the background of family pictures? It all has to do with timing and lots of practice.

What is golden hour?

Golden hour, also known as magic hour, is the optimal time for photography because it gives that dreamy look and gooey sun - as I call it.

The sun is typically lower on the horizon which makes it the perfect directional light with long and soft shadows. It's the most perfect natural backdrop you could ask for.

So when does this golden hour happen?

It occurs shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The sun is softer and has a beautiful golden natural light. I only shoot in the evening golden hour- no one wants to get up at 6am for a photoshoot!

However, the golden hour happens for a short period of time, that's why timing is everything. After years of practice, I've been able to determine exactly when I need my sessions to take place.

Why golden hour?... If I haven't already convinced you!

I am a light chaser. That's right! I am always following the sun, knowing when it sets, and testing out prime time for sessions. So when you schedule an outdoor session with me the session time has been based on the sunset time of that particular day.

Did you know that it changes every day?! In the summertime golden hour is much later in the evening but then in fall, it happens much early. Come November it can be as early as 2:30 pm!

Now I wish I could guarantee the sunset of every shoot but I cannot. But chances are the sun will peek out just as it dips below the clouds later in the evening- and from experience it usually does.

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