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Introducing Studio Arc: Your Ideal Rental Space in the West Island

Are you a photographer, videographer, content creator, or event organizer in the West Island or Montreal area? If you're in need of a versatile and creative space for your projects or special occasions, look no further than Studio Arc, located in Beaconsfield's charming Beaurepaire Village.

Why Choose Studio Arc?

1. Versatile Rental Space: Studio Arc is not your ordinary studio space. It's a vibrant and creative hub designed to cater to the needs of artists, photographers, videographers, and event planners alike. Whether you're looking for a space to shoot your next masterpiece, create engaging content, or host a memorable event, Studio Arc offers the perfect setting.

2. Ideal for Photographers and Videographers: As a lifestyle family, maternity, and newborn photographer, I understand the importance of having the right environment to capture authentic and candid moments. Studio Arc provides a well-equipped, spacious studio where you can bring your creative vision to life.

vibrant furniture in Studio Arc

3. Event Hosting: Studio Arc is not limited to just photography and videography. It's also a fantastic venue for hosting events, workshops, and gatherings. The studio's ambiance and flexibility make it the ideal choice for everything from workshops and art exhibitions to private parties and corporate events. You have access to foldable tables and chairs and even a fully equipped kitchenette.

4. Beaurepaire Village Location: Situated in Beaurepaire Village, Studio Arc benefits from the picturesque surroundings of this historic area in the West Island. The village's charming atmosphere can add a unique touch to your creative work or special event. Bonus: free parking everywhere!!!

5. Affordable Rental Options: Studio Arc offers competitive rental rates, making it accessible to both established professionals and up-and-coming talents. You can book Studio Arc for hours, half-days, or full days, depending on your requirements.

natural light in Studio Arc

6. Ample Amenities: From professional lighting and photography equipment to a comfortable lounge area with vibrant furniture, a ton of natural light, Studio Arc is well-equipped to meet your needs. The studio's amenities are designed to make your creative process as seamless as possible, this is an all-inclusive experience.


Whether you're a fellow photographer, videographer, content creator, or someone looking for a unique venue to host an event, Studio Arc is your go-to rental space in the West Island.

When it comes to capturing the real you and your creative vision, Studio Arc has got you covered.

Book your time at Studio Arc and experience the magic of this vibrant creative space.

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