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Is it time to outsource for your photography business? | Photography coach

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Running a photography business takes work, time, and eventually a team! Just because you are running a small business does not mean you need to do it alone, and I most certainly do not.

I outsource many tasks. At first, it was scary... I saw it as something associated with costs, and trust and the thought of outsourcing even caused me anxiety at first- I mean can someone really do a better job than me?!?! The answer is yes, but you should do your research first and find someone that meets your needs and vibes well with you. So be picky!

Here is what I outsource: photo editing, social media, accounting, and copywriting. Why did I decide to outsource? For me, it all boiled down to #4.

Here are a few pointers to help you make the decision to outsource:

  1. You don't like doing the task (social media, editing, accounting, administrative tasks). If it has because of something that you dread but you need in your business it may be time to find someone to help you out!

  2. It's taking up too much of your time

  3. You are looking for consistency

  4. You want to gain time to work ON your business

  5. You simply aren't good at it

If you've answered yes to at least one of the points above, you may want to start looking. How do you find that special someone to trust with your outsourcing?

Here are some criteria to think about when choosing someone to hire:

  1. Does it fit within your budget?

  2. Do you like what they produce for OTHER clients? Do your research and ask for samples

  3. How is the communication so far?

  4. Are they listening to you (concerns, your needs, your wants)

  5. Is it clear what they can do for you?

  6. What's your gut telling you?

Another important point to remember when hiring someone is that YOU need to be clear on what you want so be sure to have clear expectations and examples. Proper onboarding is key here!

If you need to hear this, just to be clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with outsourcing. Think about all the TIME it frees up and the frustration that it can eliminate. You don't need to run your business alone.

Interested to know about my outsourcing? Just reach out and send me a message!

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