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What to expect


How it works


Reach out & book a call

Fill in my contact form I will send you back and information email and an invitation to hop on a phone call. 


...then book your date

We will find the right date and time for this session. But you can also book this directly online especially if you've already done a session with me.


Put a deposit
You only need to pay a deposit to secure your spot.  


Collection choice

Easy! You get to pick the collection that you want only AFTER the gallery has been delivered.

  • What kind of photographer are you?
    I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. Clients often describe my work as natural, dreamy, and authentic. My approach has been described as laidback, easygoing, and fun. My aim is to always take pictures of the real you- the smiles, laughs, and emotions. I'm not the one that will be taking stiffed and awkwardly posed pictures. See my blog on golden hour
  • What should I wear?
    In all my sessions, you have complimentary access to my Style & Shoot account. In three simple steps, your outfits will be planned out for you! Super easy and hassle-free! So no more stressing about wardrobe.
  • What's included in the session?
    EVERYTHING! I oofer an all inlcusive model which means you receive all the final professionally edited digital images. That means no extra purchases no hidden fees. And of course a lot more. Check out the investment page
  • How do I book?
    My favorite question! You can email me at or book directly from the investment page
  • How can I pay?
    I offer an easy online payment option by credit card. I also accept e-transfer and cash. I automatically split up the session fee into three equal installements.
  • What happens if my baby cries or needs to feed during a session?
    This is so not a problem! If the baby cries, you will soothe them. If they need to eat, you will feed them. I will still take pictures. But at any newborn session, I go with the flow and I make it work. no need to worry about any of this
  • What happens if it rains?
    If we have a scheduled outdoor session and it rains we will simply reschedule. We know Montreal weather can be all over so this call will be made the day of the session. However, I will give you a fair warning.




Communication, what to wear, what to expect

I want to get to know you and how your family is unique. I will send you questionnaire for you to fill out.


Next, I will send you complimentary access to the My Style & Select styling services that helps you style your shoot for everyone in 3 easy steps!


You will also get the  "experience guide" that will help you prepare for your session. Be sure that you and all parties involved in the session read through it. Feeling prepared is key for a successful session. Your family is unique and I will make your experience as well. If at any point you have questions, just message me!

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The experience

Experience is everything! When you try something new for the first time people will ask, "how was your experience?" Any session with me is set up to offer you an experience, not only a photo shoot. 

The clients that choose me as their photographer choose me for my style, but also for the value I bring to the sessions. 

I am a lifestyle photographer so I'm not asking you to stare at me smiling the whole time. Actually, I don't want you to look at me! I'm here to capture true moments of your family- real smiles, real laughs, real emotions. 

My sessions are turn-key and stress-free and above all fun and truly unique in every way. 

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I think one of the biggest concerns for parents is if their kids will behave. Don't worry I get it. My kids are terrible when it comes to taking pictures- go figure! But from my perspective as a photographer, it's really of no concern. This isn't something that stresses me out, My approach is different. I don't expect t them to stand still and stare at me. Instead, I want them to run, play, and just be themselves.  It really makes for cute, candid pictures. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make it fun while still getting beautiful pictures.


On top of having my two energetic boys I used to be an elementary school teacher, so any child of any spirit is perfectly fine for me.

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I run my business, yes. But I don't conduct my sessions like one. I love having conversations throughout the session as if we were out for coffee. I like to keep it natural and light, I want you to be comfortable and at ease. Know it is okay if you are nervous, it is okay if your kids are running around, and it's totally fine if your significant other doesn't want to take pictures. This is basically my family in a nutshell! But as a five-year-old pointed out in the middle of a session...

I'll take it!

this is way more fun than I expected

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