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"Sophy, you are a rock star when it comes to organization and efficiency! Your class breaks down each step into easy-to-manage chunks, and makes the whole process seem doable, rather than overwhelming. One of the most helpful parts for me was the time blocking. I tend to spend way too long on one thing, which causes everything else to fall by the wayside!  Thank you for helping me get all of my processes streamlined, so I can spend more time behind my camera, instead of at my computer!"



In this self-paced course, I'll show you how to save time by streamlining your workflow with a system unique to photography businesses.


With my hackproof Business System, you’ll know how to…

  • Build a sustainable photography business that practically runs itself. 

  • Potentially Increase your revenue and charge higher prices when you learn what 85% of  photographers DON’T do to attract new clients

  • Set up your automation and CRM to professionally do business with clients - this is a real business, and you should treat it like one.

  • Protect your social media business accounts from future online hackers so you  never have to stress about potential account loss or have to recreate your social media portfolio

  • Create flexibility, organization, and structure, so you can confidently run your business without fear of potentially losing your online portfolio and presence. 

By the end of the course, you'll know exactly how to set up this system for yourself so that you can work more efficiently and be more available for your clients (and your family!)

Signature Business course

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