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Taking your business from HOT MESS to NO STRESS!

For photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level...with a little help.

Sound familiar?

You are doing what you love. But when it comes to the business side of photography, you feel like a hot mess.  You are craving that organization, structure and efficiency in your business so that you can finally live the life you dreamed of...without the overwhelm


“Sophy is the perfect guide and teacher for all things photography biz! Sweet, fun and so friggin' helpful! A MUST for anyone working to get your biz in order."

Lia Jay, Lia Jay Photography

You want to take your photography business to the next level but you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to do so. You need a strategy.

You need a confidence boost because you are struggling with your decision-making abilities, leading to hesitation and missed opportunities. You need a cheerleader. 

You need help managing your time and prioritizing your tasks effectively. You need the "Marie Kondo" of biz. 

You need a personalized approach and support because that group coaching environment just isn't your thing. You need a one-on-one coach. 


You want someone who just get's you and helps you achieve that AHA moment. You need me. 

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You are in the right place if...

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How I can help you

I've been where you are, I've felt how you are feeling. I've questioned why I wasn't attracting clients, if there were ways to work less hours but make more money, even wondering if I was ever going to figure out my editing style after using 100s of different presets.

I used to try everything other photographers would do successfully and hope it would work for me- but it didn't. 

After many failed attempts, I almost threw it all it. I was convinced I would never make it until one day I booked a coaching call. In one phone call I had a HUGE AHA moment, that changed the way I saw my business. Don't you just love those? I then went on to do three other 6 month coaching programs to help me level up my business. 

So you see, sometimes you just need that special person to talk things through, to guide you, to support you, to help with ideas, and even be your personal cheerleader. That person is me. 

The sky is the limit but here are some ideas on how I can help you. Maybe you want:

Photography business strategy and marketing advice

Session workflows- posing, flexibility, efficiency

How to effectively communicate with clients

Social Media- caption writing, strategy, reels, scheduling, what to post 

Finding your editing style, editing tips, Lightroom, Photoshop

Help organizing your time so you can work less (did I mention I'm the QUEEN at workflows and sytems?!

Attracting or retaining your ideal clients

Website, SEO, blogging

How start your photography business or get out of a rut

What people are saying

My one-on-one consult with Sophy helped me clarify short-term business needs to stay on top of inquiries and scheduling during my maternity leave while also helping me see ways to streamline my business once I am back to work.
Having fewer items on my task list (because I've streamlined and simplified processes) and better organization means I get to spend more  time photographing families when I'm at work and less time working overall which means WAY more time with my baby. Sophy will meet you where you're at and help you think big picture and details. SO wonderfully helpful!

Erin Blinn, Erin Blinn Photography

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From HOT MESS to NO STRESS coaching

A strategic approach to leveling up your business.

When we work together we will use the 3-step method for photographers, the ABI method. 

It's divided into three phases: Analyse, Build and Implement. And then we will Reassess, Redesign, and Relaunch if it's needed.  

Because unlike what you are led to believe NOTHING happens overnight, and good business growth requires a strategy.

I am here to help you with that.

I'm the right coach for you if you want someone who is:

  • amazing with business strategy- give you ideas, brainstorm, talk shop

  • a no BS kinda gal (in a nice way of course!)

  • mindful that one size doesn't fit all but will you help find the solution for YOUR business

  • REALLY good at pinpointing problems

  • an Open book- ask me what worked and didn't work in my business. I'll lay it all out on the table

  • high energy- we will laugh, I'll definitely crack a joke, I will cheer you on, and motivate you

  • an occasion f-bomb dropper from time to time (you okay with that?!)

If you said YES to most of these, we are probably a good fit. But just to be sure apply and let's set up a call!

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Why me?

Photographer, businesswoman, teacher, graphic designer, mother, wife, friend, free spirit.I have been a photographer since 2010 and for many of those years, it was a sink-or-swim situation. I barely knew how to run a business and almost threw it all in. So I definitely know what it feels like to be at that place where you just don't know where or how to start. But I am here to help you with that.  

Even though I left my teaching career, my passion always remains to teach others. I am always a teacher at heart! Today, I am now helping other photographers and business owners create and grow their dream businesses- without the overwhelm. It is possible to do it all, just sometimes you need someone to help you realize that. That person is me.


Working with your passion and running a business are two different things. In order to keep doing what you love- without burnout you need to know the tricks of the trade of running a business. We are talking about strategy, implementing systems, and finding ways to help you work less, but make more. 

If you are ready to level up your business, you are in the right place, and I can't wait to help you get there!

Sophy xo

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