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Community, it matters | Family Photographer Montreal

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Are you an entrepreneur, maybe even a solopreneur? Living your dream of running your own business can be amazing, but at times it can also be very lonely.

Last year I had the honor of being part of a photography mastermind with 24 other women run by Elena S. Blair. I had business objectives going into this mastermind...I wanted to pivot into photography education, and also grow my family portrait business. But what I ended up getting out of it was WAY more than I had ever imagined.

You see, self-growth is important. But when we make a decision to do so it is for selfish reasons- for ourselves of course- and that's totally fine and I believe it's actually needed.

Accountability Group! Picture taken by Lia Jay Photo

But what I didn't expect was the bond we would develop from being part of a community of talented and strong women from all over the world. Our weekly meetings became the thing I was looking forward to every week. We would learn, chat, cry (yeah we ugly cried), and laughed. We grew together, we motivated each other, and we pushed each other to do better.

Being part of a community matters. To be surrounded by like-minded people is good for the soul: it supports you, comforts you, it drives you.

The women I have met have become friends for life. Some of us may be halfway around the globe but it just doesn't matter. We have connected, we have bonded, we have loved.

To Elena, thank you for making this happen and for bringing us together. You are a gem, my soul sister (you know it!) and I am forever grateful for the community you have given us. This is the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for giving us a voice, space to take up and to be seen. xo

Me with Elena in Seattle Elena S. Blair Photography Retreat.


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