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Taking good pictures isn't enough to run a successful photography business | Photography Coach

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It seems obvious, right? I take great pictures so I can have a successful business. Well, ya taking good pictures is necessary but there is SO much more that goes into having a successful photography business.

The key? You need to run your business LIKE a business.

Think about your favorite brand for a moment. Why do you like them, why do you keep buying their products.

I'll use my favorite skincare products as an example. I use all Tata Harper products.

Here is why I keep coming back for more:

  • Message: Value, mission, story. It speaks to me: natural, farmed ingredients, women run

  • Branding: I like their packaging: it speaks luxury, environmentally friendly, I feel like I am being treated when my package arrives. Products and quality are consistent

  • Customer service: Exceptional customer service (once my package didn't arrive and they were on it in a jiffy)

  • Process: Easy online purchasing

  • Marketing: Love their socials (tips, advice, relatable)

You see, the product isn't the ONLY reason I love this product. I actually bought Tata products for the first time without having ever tried them. It was expensive but the price doesn't bother me because I VALUE the product.

So, if you are basing your business ONLY on the product that you are offering, it isn't enough. Think about your messaging, branding, customer service, process, and marketing- just to name a few.


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