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Timeless family photos without the effort and stress with our turn-key photography experience

Mama, it's time to get in the frame. 

It's time for you to sit back, relax, and let me capture the beauty of your family, with you in the frame.

I understand how much you do. That is why Sophy Cee Photography redefines the notion of premium service by offering a turn-key and stress-free experience for you and your family, maternity and newborn photos.


From the moment you inquire about my services to the delivery of your beautifully curated family photographs, every aspect of your journey with me is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations. And that means you can sit back, relax and not worry about a thing.

As a premium brand, attention to detail and personalized service is of utmost importance. I pride myself on my ability to capture authentic moments of joy, love, and connection within your family, ensuring that every photograph tells a story that resonates with emotion and beauty.

Mama, let me take the reins on documenting these precious moments for you, so you can unwind and be part of the memories. Let me tell your story.


Lifestyle photography encompasses some posing and then prompting you to do something. You won’t be looking at the camera most of the time because the point is to capture you in the moment. I aim to get authentic photos of your family and children; a realistic representation of you.



I think one of the biggest concerns for parents is if their kids will behave. Don’t worry I get it, I have two high-energy boys! This isn’t something that stresses me out. I want them to run, play, and just be themselves. It makes for cute, candid pictures. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make it fun while still getting beautiful shots.


A typical session lasts 30 minutes. 


I do these sessions at golden hour, the most romantic time of the day in my opinion!


Sophy is one of the most professional photographers I have experienced! She is absolutely fantastic with kids, she is organized, punctual, and the turn around time to receive your pictures is incredible! I highly recommend ! You will not be disappointed with the memories you invested in!



Every session includes:

  • An over-the-phone welcome conversation

  • A session with immediate family members or couples for approximately 30-40 minutes of shooting time

  • A family intake form so I can get to know your family 

  • Complimentary access to my interactive styling service

  • An experience guide that helps you prepare for the session

  • Exceptional communication

  • Premium service

  • Your choice of collection after the gallery is delivered

  • Only a deposit is required to book



As a new parent, you understand the importance of preserving every special moment. That's why as your newborn photographer  I advocate for the beauty of Baby Led Posing in newborn sessions. Gone are the days of forced poses – instead, I embrace your baby's natural self. This approach allows us to capture the newborn experience authentically, from the tiny hands and feet to the adorable stretches and wiggles. It's a portrait of your baby's unique self, frozen in time.


 A typical session lasts 30 minutes. 


Typically, maternity sessions take between 31-35 weeks. In the warmer months I do these sessions at golden hour. In the cooler months they can be done in home or at my studio in Beaconsfield.

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